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Our first course in this program is about creating the right environment for the autistic person so the autistic people feels wanted, hope full, motivated and confident to follow the things we would like them to learn. 

In this course we will work on emotionally balancing the person suffering with autism. Emotionally balancing someone suffering for autism is controlling the anxiety, own world status and generating hope and faith in themselves and surroundings 

Form a long term strategy to handle different situations like melt downs, tantrums, own world status, motivating to do some thing etc. and involve and take consent from person suffering from autism to join the training and improvement program

In this course we will start building foundation for connecting more to reality, skills development and self development and start involving people suffering from autism in training and teaching activities directly.

In this course we will connect the person suffering from autim to spirituality, more to reality and we will start improving and developing permanent self esteem and self confidence to handle things and surrounding

Make person aware of different surroundings and process and start building skills to fit in them and handle them as per persons own attitude and personality